The Recharge Company creates online and offline training programs for teams and companies. Our challenges transform habitual patterns into more focused and energizing habits.  

Our training programs aim for behavior change. We weave scientific insights into everyday situations. We combine compelling stories with gamification, taking the participant out of their comfort zone, and leaving them with an unforgettable experience.
Whether you opt for the Jungle Challenge, Burn-out Prevention (for Managers), Personal Leadership, Coaching Fundamentals, or a tailor-made program, we always achieve lasting results.

We work closely with a pre-selected number of consultants, psychologists, and certified coaches, so that you always have the best professional for the relevant target group.

Burn-out Preventie for Managers

During the past year, so much has changed the way we work. At first it seemed like our new situation would provide more rest, but meanwhile, many challenges have come up.

One of them is burn-out. In recent years, it appears that there’s more and more talk about  burn-out. With the rise in types of work, the term only gets more popular. Because remote work has its opportunities, but when it’s not done right, burn-out becomes only more likely than before.

Despite the fact that we talk about burn-out, there’s still much that remains unclear:

What is it exactly?
Which symptoms are noticeable early one?
How do you respond to these burn-out symptoms?
What tools can you rely on?

This is why we got together with various experts and developed the Burnout Prevention for Managers program.

Personal Leadership Pathway

Demonstrable behavioral change on the level of purpose, identity, and convictions. That’s exactly what personal leadership is all about. It ensures instant results and, above all, sustainable and positive behavior change in the long term.

The following subjects are part of this program:
Self reflection and self awareness
Mindfully making new choices
Getting insight into what needs to happen to be more balanced and maintain balance
Communicating with impact
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