“Recently, I’ve read a ton of books in this area for Kukuru, but with this book, I could have skipped a few of them.”

Giel Beelen, Radio DJ, and founder of Kukuru.nl
In his new book, Hidde de Vries invites you into inspiring and at times gripping stories. In a light way, he shows you how to get more done in less time. Always backed up by scientific research and illustrated with practical examples. How you can work smarter and relax better.
1.  Learn the difference between achievers and performers, and discover how you can belong to the latter group.

2. Do you struggle with worrying? Experience where that voice comes from and how to manage worry in a better way.

3. How a simple lesson from the Marine Corps can drastically improve your life.

4. The most effective and scientifically proven way to provide feedback according to one of the NBA’s top coaches.

5. The way to get more done in less time is more simple than you think.

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Find a few testimonials below:

“Als je wilt begrijpen waarom we doen wat we doen. Een nuchtere kijk op een complex onderwerp. Vol praktische handvatten om beter te worden in doen wat voor jou werkt.”

Marcia Goddard
Chief people & culture bij Tony Chocolonely
“In his book, Hidde describes how caring for your own wellbeing and ability to focus can help you achieve more. And here’s what I love about this: it doesn’t just change you, but your community as well.”

Irene Vernie
HR Directeur Rituals
“Everything I should have learned at school about my mindset combined with storytelling and (scientific) knowledge. We don’t need to work harder, but relax more. Clear and applicable. You literally recharge while you read.”

Niek van den Adel
Global keynote speaker & bestselling author

“As a new leader, this is an enormously valuable book. Well written and with so many good tips. Take notes, save them, and don’t forget to look back at them regularly.”

Maaike Homan
Interem manager at RTL Z / RTL News
“What a beautiful mixture of perspectives and philosophies to intentionally inhabit your life! Highly recommended for every person who wants to enjoy life, professionally as well as personally, and wants to share their joy with others.”

Mascha Driessen
Vice president Microsoft Advertising Europe
Work Smart, Play Smart isn’t the umpteenth book in the“self help” categorie; it’s a persuasive and timeless document that combines theoretical knowledge and practical tips with inspiring stories. Undoubtedly, a future classic.”

Marco van Demen
Head of Marketing Entertainment Channels bij The Walt Disney Company

“Our lives keep getting busier and fuller. Because we’re always ‘on’ and reachable, it can be challenging to find balance. In a light, informative way, Hidde de Vries shows you how to focus on your most important qualities, so that life becomes a little lighter and less overwhelming.”

Judith Zilversmit
Head of PS van de Week at Het Parool
“A must-read for everyone who wants to learn how to have some energy left over at the end of a workday.”

Albert Sonnevelt
Psychologist and executive coach
“The “one size fits all” strategy in the personnel management field has been over for quite a while, but you can still see it returning. Hidde gives employees insight that help to be more proactive. Fun and concrete reading, with lots of theoretical content, examples, and practical explanation.”

Hans Faber
Global head of HR at Scotch & Soda

“Read it in one sitting. Substantive, easy to read, and Hidde made it really practical.”

Mark Tigchelaar
Bestselling author and focus expert
“The podcast that Hidde and I recorded in 2018 is one of. En terecht. Hidde heeft een waanzinnige methode ontwikkeld voor meer energie, focus en geluk. Super concreet, daar houd ik van. Net als dit boek. Work smart play smart leest makkelijk weg en zit vol direct toepasbare tips.”

Thijs Lindhout
De 100% inspiration podcast
“Hidde neemt je mee hoe je je persoonlijke geluk en je geluk van je omgeving ten positieve kan beinvloeden door je te richten op de routines die energie geven. Hiermee kan je echt grenzeloze resultaten behalen, als individu en als geheel.”

Constance Scholten
CEO EarthToday & Venture Partner Slingshot Ventures

“Recently, I’ve read a ton of books in this area for Kukuru, but with this book, I could have skipped a few of them. He took away practical advice from his own experiences, which we should all do more often. Recharge! At the same time, every chapter comes with new talks, videos, and book tips. The book presents an important question and unpacks it; should I do this now? The answer to the question whether you should read the book is a wholehearted yes!”

Giel Beelen
Radio-DJ and founder of Kukuru.nl

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