Life is a rollercoaster. Even before COVID-19, we were faced with many challenges such as mounting pressures at work, how we navigate stress, and how we manage our general energy. It’s more important than ever to learn how to effectively navigate our digitized lives, and develop strong mental willpower, while staying goal oriented.

Hidde de vries is the founder of The Recharge Company. In his five years at Google, he learned how companies and employees navigate vitality and mental health. Hidde is a columnist on the topics of wellness and personal growth for RTL, Eva Jinek, and MT/ Sprout, and he is the creator of the Recharge360 program.

He has written multiple books, the most recent of which (Work Smart Play Smart) has already sold 20.000x copies, remained on number 1 in the Top 100 of management books for 30 days, and is now available in English.
“Due to his incredible amount of positive energy, Hidde easily keeps the audience engaged. I appreciated how he integrated our company culture into the content he shared. You literally walk away with new insights and tips & tricks!”
Willemijn de Nooij
Unilever, Global HR Director Refreshments
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