Work Smart Play Smart
The all-in-one business lifestyle program that helps you to work smarter, up your resilience, and connect with your team.
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So, why is it so hard to embed into company culture?

With over twelve years of experience in the wellbeing space, we’ve learned to identify what works and what doesn’t. A focus on wellbeing alone is insufficient. Our Recharge360 program offers a complete solution according to the AIM framework: Activation, Inspiration, and Motivation for your entire team.

S is for Support, for you, since we know exactly how much time goes into organizational behavior change. We take that work off your plate, with our tools and platform that were designed with this specific purpose in mind.

A complete, yearlong program including the platform.

The Recharge360 program

3 x a year, a new Recharge week during which your team gets to know themselves and each other online and offline, with challenges to work smarter and relax better.

Masterclasses and Workshops

Let yourself get inspired and learn practical, effective tools and insights from our experts in a range of different areas.

Personal coaching

Our coaches are ready for your questions and motivation. From nutritional to corporate coaches, we’ve got everyone your employee needs.

Average results

Experience greater energy after their Recharge
7 uur
extra sleep during the Recharge and wake up feeling rested
2 kg
weight loss thanks to new dietary insight
indicated an increased ability to concentrate after the Recharge
as satisfied with work/life balance thanks to their stronger focus
would recommend the Recharge week to coworkers
has started working smarter after Recharging
The Recharge weeks are short enough for everyone to join as well as long enough to experience a real difference.
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