Randstad Recharge

Rituals Recharge

‘’At Rituals, we believe that, when our employees invest in well-being, they’re more comfortable in their skin, which influences family members, kids, friends, and those they meet in their community. It influences your whole environment.’’
Irene Vernie (HR Director)

Google Recharge

Are you wondering what a seven-day #Recharge week looks like? Picture stretch/exercise videos, team building with colleagues, healthy food, new habits, and better sleep. In this video, you’ll hear from a Google team about their experience.

KLM Recharge

‘’Within a week, I noticed a difference in people’s skin, they looked more fit. People seemed full of enthusiasm and the team dynamics were closer. Everyone’s engagement was beautiful to witness.’’
Wendy van der Toorn, Learning Consultant at KLM

JustBrands Recharge

At JustBrands, employees took part in the five-day #Recharge program. This helped them to break habitual patterns and get more comfortable in their skin. The #Recharge aligned perfectly with JustBrands’ mission to keep team members feeling full of vitality.

Earth Water Recharge

Reading Hidde de Vries’ book about the #Recharge philosophy left Henk Witteveen, founder of Earth Water, with much insight into the topics of healthier living. This meant that he lost 12 kilos and developed energetic habits around healthy food, yoga, and focus. In this video, you’ll hear his story.

KWF Recharge

At KWF, health is a central issue, including for our employees. KWF’s vitality program contacted #Recharge. In this video, you’ll hear from KWF employees about the positive results from their #Recharge program.
“We have experienced that actively paying attention to your mental and physical health has a long-term effect on how you feel in life.”
Dr. Marcia Goddard

Participants on #Recharge

''A fun and easygoing way to detox your body and mind. With loads of tips that you will certainly follow after the Recharge!''

Vivian Reijs
Health Coach
''The program is innovative, practical, offers so much inspiration, so many tips, and recipes to live healthier and with less stress. Who doesn’t want that?''

Sanne Groot Koerkamp
Editor in Chief, Glamorr
“My pants fit me more comfortably. Weight loss is not the goal with Recharge, but I’m not complaining.”

Suus Ruis
Editor JAN Magazine

''Pressure at work is a big challenge for everyone, but the experience is ultimately personal. The #Recharge-program teaches you perspective.''

Marcia Goddard
Behavioral scientist, Young Capital
''It’s not just a program, it’s a blueprint for a fully healthy way of life. Super inspiring and easy to follow. The Recharge book has a permanent position on our coffee table!''

Mascha Feoktistova
''When you have a demanding job, it’s easy to put yourself last. In one week, the Recharge hands you the right tools to take optimal care of yourself and head back to work (and play) fully energized!''

Kick Zandbergen
Head of Partner Business Solutions Benelux at Google

''So fun to experiment with new habits in an accessible way. With a few pleasant eye-openers and advice that I’ve applied after the Recharge, too.''

Wietske Bakker
Mindset influencer
“Thanks to the Recharge, I’ve become more aware of my nutrition and I’m able to take rest more often. To me, Recharge is a holistic program; within one week, it gave me more energy than I could have expected.”

Kelly Boender